Betting Sites Not on GamStop – Best Bookies Not registered on GamStop

Many players nowadays excessively use online gambling sites and want to find a way to take a break, which is understandable. Too much of something can harm your lifestyle. That’s where GamStop jumps in. GamStop is presented as a useful site that helps you control your gambling activities.

Brits love to place a punt on sports, maybe more than any other nation in the world. But if you’re living in the UK and your name is in the GamStop register, it may be tricky to find a trustworthy non-UK and UK sports betting site.

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I must admit I was one of those people that wanted to press pause on online gambling, so I opted for GamStop. However, I did not count on being restricted on so many betting sites. It turned out to be a much bigger problem than my original one since I haven’t had the chance to visit my usual betting sites after taking a break.

I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands, and I’ve found an abundance of betting sites that are not restricted by GamStop. To my surprise, there are plenty of online betting sites that provide top-notch services and a perfect place for you to bet online on your favourite sports — even if you’re registered in GamStop!.

However, it’s not all bright and breezy. Many betting sites don’t provide services that are good enough for avid bettors. That’s why I decided to make a shortlist of the top betting sites that are not on GamStop. Luckily, there are enough betting sites to make any bettor happy. So this article will introduce you to the betting sites which provide the best betting environment as if you were betting on reputable UK sites.

Non-UK Betting Sites Not on GamStop

The answer to your problems is simple — go to a non GamStop betting site and place your bets there. Today, I’ll be showing you how to find the best betting operators that are not licensed in the UK, which means that they are not associated with the GamStop network in any way.

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Here’s a summary of my non GamStop betting guide:

Let’s dive right in!

What Is GamStop?

What is GamStop and how does it affect betting
What is GamStop and how does it affect betting?

GamStop is a national self-excursion scheme in the UK that was created to help those who develop a gambling problem. It is operated by an independent organisation which collaborates with the UK Gambling Commission. Customers can apply on a free-will basis, and signing up is 100% free.

When you sign up with the programme, you are offered the choice to exclude yourself from online gambling for periods of 6 months, one year, or five years. You have to submit personal details which are then recorded in the GamStop system. Each time there is an attempted registration or login in gambling sites using these details, the GamStop database is checked for a potential match.

Simply put, if your name is listed in GamStop database, you will be denied access in every online betting site licensed in the UK. As of recently, the UKGC has made it mandatory for all betting operators licensed in the UK to participate in the self-excursion scheme.

The Problem

First of all, I would like to say that I’m not advising you to stay away from GameStop — on the contrary. I believe that it is an extremely useful tool that can help people put their gambling problems under control.

The main problem is that once you sign up for the programme, you cannot go back. The decision is irreversible until the end of the period you have chosen. And many punters didn’t think their decision through, or simply mistook their gambling passion for an addiction. There are even those who accidentally sign up for it, and they have to wait for five years for the agreed period to expire.

The Solution: Non-GamStop Betting Sites

If you find yourself in some of the above-mentioned categories, there is a way for you to get around the GamStop ban — bet with Non-GamStop online bookmakers. These are the operators that are not associated in any way with the UK Gambling Commission and will allow you to register and place wagers even if you’ve signed with GamStop, without affecting your credit rating either.

Non-GamStop betting sites are licensed outside of the UK, which means that the UKGC doesn’t have the authority over them. These operators can accept whoever they want, and most of them are UK-friendly.

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How Does GamStop Work?

Once you have registered on the site, you can choose the amount of time for your betting restriction. The restriction can be as small as one week or as big as a few years. It is essential to note that this is a difficult decision to reverse. Before opting for this measure, think carefully and decide if you want to be banned from your favourite betting sites and for how long.

Keep in mind that once your time restriction has ended, you will need to contact GamStop to have the limit reversed. If you fail to do so, your restriction will be prolonged indefinitely.

Since players cannot change their minds after activating the restriction, plenty of them opt for betting sites not restricted by GamStop.

Are Non-GamStop Betting Sites Legit?

Are non-UK betting sites legit
Are non-UK betting sites legit?

It’s important to realise that the UK Gambling Commission isn’t the only reputable licensing jurisdiction in the world. In the global online gambling market, there are several top-tier regulators other than the UKGC which are equally legitimate. Some of the most esteemed online bookmakers are licensed in Malta, Curacao or Panama, and boast millions of registered customers.

Regardless of whether your preferred products are casinos, sportsbooks or even bingo sites, most non GamStop betting sites offer exquisite bonuses, often worth thousands of pounds. They are on par with UK-licensed bookmakers in every aspect — from sports coverage to competitiveness of odds and live streaming features.

So, these places represent a perfect getaway for those who want to bypass the GamStop block and enjoy online sports betting not on GamStop in a well-regulated and secure environment be it on pokercasinos or even the national lottery.

The Best Sports Betting Sites Not on GamStop

The best non-UK online bookmakers that aren't on GamStop
The best non-UK online bookmakers that aren’t on GamStop

Although non GamStop betting sites are generally a reliable alternative, you can’t put your trust in every operator just because it isn’t licensed in the UK. There are dozens of shady betting sites out there, and you have to be extra careful when deciding who you want to bet online with.

Better yet, you don’t have to decide anything, but rather let the pros do it for you. I have a decade long experience in the sports betting industry and know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. After hours of in-depth research, I compiled a list of the best non GamStop online betting sites for UK punters. Feel free to check it out!

  1. BetSwagger

Bet Swagger

Bet Swagger isn’t listed as one of the restricted sites on GamStop, so players from the UK will not come across any problems while registering on this first-class UK sports betting site which boasts an impressive odds payout of over 91% on football. The site has many amenities for punters.

If you’re looking for an online betting operator with in-depth sports coverage and tons of exciting promotions for punters, this is the go-to destination. The site is licensed in Curacao, which makes it a perfect haven for UK players that are listed on GamStop. Besides betting on popular sports such as football and tennis, you can also choose to bet on TV shows.

Bet Swagger is user-friendly and protected by modern SSL encryption technology. Players won’t need to worry about their internet safety and banking information. The site has been operating since 2017. Since then, it managed to prove itself as one of the best in the online betting industry.

  • Double deposit of up to £100 on sports bets
  • The first-class live streaming platform
  • Licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao
  • Mobile friendly betting site
  • USoft Gaming site
  • Not part of GamStop
  • Rewarding VIP programme
  • Accepts UK players registered on GamStop

My Selection Process

Finding the best online betting sites that were not blacklisted by GamStop was a long process, but eventually a rewarding one. Even though there are plenty of websites available to the players from the UK, not all of them are licensed by proper authorities or worth your hard-earned money.

The process of selecting the best betting sites was a detailed one, and many sites did not meet my requirements. The final list came down to only five sites that provide excellent playing conditions for UK-based players.

You should remember that not all trustworthy sites will be licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. There are dozens of gambling commissions worldwide that provide a secure betting environment.

There’s no reason to be distrustful of any site mentioned above. I checked all five of them, and they have had positive reviews from many UK players.

Here are the factors I take into consideration while evaluating the potential candidates for my ‘top’ list:

Website Design and Navigation

You should be able to navigate Non-GamStop betting sites hassle-free. I always closely study the user interface and instantly disregard bookmakers where it takes an eternity to find everything you need.

The menus and all the significant features should be organised neatly, so you can reach your desired destination within seconds. If you’re a high roller, you surely don’t want to get stuck with a website that will cost you extra minutes every time you intend to use it because the site is not optimised well enough.

You can rest assured that you won’t encounter these kinds of problems on any of my sites.

Promotions and Bonuses

We all like free gifts every once in a while, especially when these gifts can provide additional chances to win real money. Promotions and bonuses can give us a hefty bankroll, and thus increase our chances of winning a bet. My list of Non-GamStop betting has some incredible promos for you to check out.

Once you’ve used your welcome offer, some betting platforms from our list also have promotions or promo codes for existing customers. These might not be as valuable as the sign-up deals, but they can enhance your betting experience nonetheless.

Safety and Security

Many online betting sites that are not on GamStop are not legitimate. The reason why GamStop did not include them on their list in the first place is their lack of valid licenses and regulations.

Most UK players opt for betting sites that are licensed by the UKGC, but that’s where the catch lies. You can find most of the UKGC regulated betting sites blacklisted by GamStop. That’s when players need to turn to other authorities.

All the betting sites on my list are licensed and regulated by proper authorities. They have been operating for at least a couple of years and have proven to be valuable and trustworthy.

Our list of Non-GamStop betting sites only consists of operators who have been independently tested for fairness. I also check their reputation and always ensure they are licensed and regulated by a legitimate governing body.

The safety and security of my readers always come first. For that reason, I only listed sites that use state-of-the-art encryption and firewalls. These programs ensure that any of the sensitive data you provide is kept on a separate server, hidden from prying eyes.

Competitive Odds

Once we make sure that the bookmaker is user-friendly and legitimate, we move on to other factors. One of them is related to the competitiveness of odds.

As you are aware, odds vary significantly from site to site, and some betting operators consistently offer higher odds than others. For recreational punters, this may seem irrelevant, but for high rollers, it means the world.

Our latest Non-GamStop betting sites offer the highest odds and the lowest betting margins, so you’ll be up-to-date with them for sure.

Variety of Markets

Each site will provide its players with different sports matches and markets. The number of available betting markets and sports coverage can affect your potential winnings.

Why? Because the more options you have, the higher the chance you’ll have of recognizing a potentially lucrative opportunity. With that in mind, betting sites from my list will often cover more matches than their competitors.

Payment Options

UK players need to be able to use their usual payment methods to make a deposit. Adding funds to Non-GamStop betting sites should be a fast and hassle-free process.

All the heavy hitters of the betting industry will offer a wide array of payment methods for you to make instantaneous deposits and speedy cashouts. Payment options often include credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, and VGO skins.

Always check the Cashier page on the betting site for available options before you decide to make a deposit.

Other Significant Factors

I showed the most significant factors to pay attention to when trying to find a top Non-GamStop betting site. However, there are some aspects that may not be crucial but can make your betting more enjoyable, so let’s talk about them as well.

  • Available to UK Players — Naturally, I did not want to include any sites that are restricted in the United Kingdom. There are plenty of betting sites that restrict players from certain countries, and the UK is often one of those countries.No matter if you’re in Brighton or Leeds, you will be able to access any of the five sites I mentioned and place a regular bet.
  • Overall Betting Experience — I always deem the quality to be more important than quantity. Even though these sites provide numerous betting options, I put the quality of available bets in front of the number of available games.When placing bets on numerous sporting events, I took into consideration the sites that offer live betting as well. Many punters like the thrill of live betting as much as I do.

    All the mentioned betting sites have some less popular sports in their portfolio, such as table tennis, badminton, hockey, and so on. Some betting sites provide betting options other than sports as well.

  • Additional Features — Features like live streaming, bet builders or cash out always come in handy. A bookmaker who offers these facilities always goes up in our ranks.
  • Customer Service — I have tested customer support on all five sites because I want to be adequately helped if I come across any problems. Furthermore, it’s crucial to me that customer support provides a prompt response to my inquiry. Usually, when players experience problems, they require a quick solution in order to continue playing. I haven’t had any issues with customer service on any of the sites.
  • Live betting — A fully functional live betting platform with solid sports coverage is a must.
  • Wager limits — The Non-GamStop betting sites cater to high rollers, recreational punters, and anything in between.

Pros and Cons of Non-GamStop Betting Sites

There are many more pros to consider when you choose to join betting sites that are not on GamStop, such as:


  • Hefty welcome bonuses and promotions
  • Licensed and regulated betting sites with secure playing options
  • Availability across the whole UK
  • Multiple sports betting options, including betting on e-sports, virtual sports, and other unconventional bets.


  • I can’t think of any cons when it comes to choosing a betting site from the following — BetOnline, Sports Betting, Bet Swagger, Play Hub, and PH.

However, keep in mind that there are plenty of casino sites outside the UK that provide the same level of safety and protection towards its players as their British competitors. So, this really shouldn’t be a deciding factor when trying to find an online casino to play at.

If you choose to steer clear of my list, I must warn you to avoid betting sites without proper licenses and regulations.

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Final Thoughts: There Is a Way Around GamStop

If you want to circumvent the GamStop ban and you’re 100% positive that you don’t have a gambling problem, there is a way for you to appease your betting appetites. Sign up with Non-GamStop betting sites and enjoy online betting with some of the best bookmakers in the industry. Whatever your decision is, remember to always gamble responsibly and choose wisely!

If you have any further questions regarding this topic, please let me know in the comment section below.

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Is it legal for UK players to join these betting sites?

Yes, it is. You can join any of the sites that accept UK players — check the list of available countries in the site’s T&Cs. Moreover, you can choose one of the sites mentioned above.

Is there a way for me to cancel my GamStop ban and bet with UK-licensed bookmakers?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. If you registered with GamStop, you must go to Non-GamStop betting sites and bet there, because all UK-licensed online bookmakers will deny you access.

Are Non-GamStop sites safe?

Absolutely! These sites are licensed by gambling authorities of Malta, Curacao, Panama, or some other respectable online gambling licensing jurisdiction. On top of this, they utilize top-notch security measures like SSL encryption and advanced firewalls. Your personal information and money will be kept safe at all times.

Do Non-Gamstop Betting Sites Accept players from the UK?

The majority of betting sites that are licensed outside the UK accept British punters. All the operators from this page allow players from the UK to register and place real money bets.

What sports do Non-GamStop Betting Sites offer?

All online bookmakers from this page offer odds for a wide variety of sports. These include football, cricket, tennis, basketball, horse racing, boxing, rugby, moto racing, and many more.

Can I play in Non-GamStop betting sites on my mobile phone?

Of course! All my sponsored betting sites are mobile-friendly, which means you can use them to place real money bets on the go, whenever you want, wherever you are!

Are there any promotions and bonuses at non-GamStop betting sites?

Yes, there are. Players can find welcome bonuses at all five sites I mentioned above. Once you have become a regular player, you are eligible for more bonuses and promotions.

How long does the GamStop restriction last?

It depends on you. It can last for several weeks or even a couple of years.

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