Terms of Use

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use

The nonukgambling.com website is a site that provides you with a news and information service utilizing the following set of Terms of Use. Kindly, therefore, be aware that they can be and may be updated from time to time and without any notice being given to you. However, by using my website that will be taken as your agreement that you are happy to be bound by each of the following terms of use.


2. Description of Service

The nonukgambling.com website is not an operator of any type or kind of gambling site or service, and as such, you cannot gamble directly from this website. I do, however, showcase, advertise and review a range of different gambling-related sites from within this website. The gambling sites and services presented to you throughout this website are to the best of my knowledge all non-Gamstop member sites.

At no point in time does NonUKGambling.com make any type of representations or warranties of any type of kind as to (1) the accuracy of any of the information contained in this website which includes any links, text or graphics or any written content: (2) the fitness of or the merchantability thereof the service offered by or any of the promotional offers available by any third party: (3) any bugs, errors, defects, omission or computer viruses within the software or the services provided by either myself or any of the third-party companies or service providers listed that may damage your mobile device or any computer device you may be using to access this site or any third party website.

Be aware too that any information supplied and/or contained within this website is always provided as is and is supplied without any warranty whatsoever of any kind.

3. Your Obligations

As the gambling related sites and service providers listed upon NonUKGambling.com can and may just chance their promotional offers, deals, rules and terms and conditions at any point in time, be aware that is the case and I suggest you visit and read through the current set of rules, terms and conditions associated with any promotional offers and deals listed upon my website to ensure they are still valid and available.

I also suggest that you ensure that you are legally old enough and are legally permitted to gambling online or via a mobile device based on where you are located before you register as a customer of any third party gambling site or gambling app.

When utilising my website you agree that at no time will you (1) supply any conduct or conduct yourself in any way that can be or is deemed to be unlawful, abusive, libellous, hateful or in any other objectionable way: (2) do anything that will cause an interruption of this website or any listed service provider: (3) commit anything illegal that breaks any local, international or national law: (4) breach any copyright laws or rules or infringe on any trademarks.

4. Privacy Policy

I do have a standalone Privacy Policy which you need to read through, the links to that privacy policy can be found on each web page.


5. Third-Party Web Sites

As you will notice when perusing my website, there are many different types of gambling sites and apps showcased upon this site. I have no control whatsoever over those sites and apps and cannot, therefore, be responsible for any of the services offered by any of them and cannot be held responsible for any of the content found on those sites either.

Therefore be aware that by utilising any third party sites or apps listed upon my website you will be at all times subject to their own rules and terms and conditions and cannot hold myself or this website responsible for any damages or losses caused regarding you using the services of those third-party sites and apps.


6. Indemnity

By using my website you are therefore also indemnifying myself from any claim or demand by any third party regarding your conduct and any content you supply to my website and any violation of this set of Terms of Use and any violation of any third party rights or anyone else.


7. No Resale of Service

You are also agreeing that at no point in time will you sell, duplicate or reproduce any of the content or images or the layout of this website for any type of commercial use and that include access to and the use of this website too.


8. Disclaimer of Warranties

All content and/or services offered and available upon this website are provided at your own risk and you expressly dismiss me from any claims or warrantied implied or expressed.


9. Limitation of Liability

I shall not be liable and you fully understand and agree that I will not be liable for any losses caused to you in any shape or form by you using this website or you utilizing their gambling services or anything else offered to you by any listed third party.


10. Reservation of Rights

At all times I reserve the right include copyrights and trademarks contained on or within this website.  Therefore, I am not providing you with any permissions to make any type of commercial use of this website with you first obtaining my full written consent.


11. Notification of Copyright Infringement

Please use the contact details supplied on the Contact page if you believe that you own the copyright of anything found on this website.


12. Applicable Law

Any dispute arising by using this website shall be governed in the jurisdiction in which my website is based.

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