How to Block Gambling Sites on My iPhone June 19, 2020 Steve Anthorton

How to Block Gambling Sites on My iPhone

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How to block gambling sites on iPhone

You will not need me to tell you if you own an iPhone and like to gamble, there is certainly no shortage of gambling-related apps that you can download on that device, and can then go on to gamble no matter where you are or when you wish to gamble.

However, as sure and night follows day there are always going to be some people out there that are going to experience gambling problems, and as such what I am going to be letting you know in this guide is just how you can help yourself to give up gambling, and additionally, I will be looking at different ways you can go about doing so if you do have an iPhone.


The Gamstop service is one way that you very quickly, and it does have to be said very easily self-exclude yourself from any UK licensed gambling app and that is by simply adding your name to their self-exclusion register and by doing so then every account you have at any UK based and licensed gambling site or app will be closed down.

The only problem there is however with Gamstop is that you will still be able to download all manner of different gambling apps from operators that are based overseas and in different countries to the UK.

However, at least by registering with Gamstop any gambling-related companies that do operate apps that you are a customer or and any that you are not will close down any account you have with them and those and the others will not allow you to sign up to utilise their gambling-related apps.

Gambling App Blocking Tools

What you should consider downloading onto you iPhone is one of the small numbers of gambling site and gambling app blocker tools. Once you have once installed on your iPhone you are not going to be able to access anything gambling relates on that device.

To give you some idea of the best ones to use, well below I have listed a couple of them, but in all fairness, I do feel the one listed at the top of that list is going to be by far and away from the very best one for you to make use of, as it is fully iPhone compatible and comes highly recommended by many previous users of that too.


The Gamban app will be very quick and easy to download and install and once you have it up and running then you will no longer be able to access those gambling sites and apps that you may have experienced gambling problems at before.

Visit the Gamban Website


The NetNanny app is fully compatible with iPhones, however, it tends to be used for parents who want to be assured that their children are not accessing adult related content on their mobile devices.

However, it is a tool that is going to allow you to block gambling related websites and apps too as an adult, but personally, I do feel that you will be much better off using the Gamban app above, but do not let that put you off what NetNanny does have on offer.

NetNanny Website

You Need to Take the Step

Finally for those of you out there that are fearful about finally facing up to your gambling-related problems and demons, well the time will come one day when you may find yourself hitting rock bottom, and that is often when people do finally reach out for the help they so desperately need.

I really do urge you to reach our for support by contacting any of the many gambling problem charities and organisations who are there to help and support you, as that will then allow them to help you get things in your life back on track.

The longer you wait the more problems over the long term you are going to experience, and with that in mind please do reach out for that help and support, no matter how hard that may be. Thousands of people walk before you and have sought that help and support and have been able to move on and get their lives back on track by getting that help and support, they needed.

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