Top Video Slots Not on GamStop

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The best non-UK video slot casinos not on GamStop

Casino websites licensed by the UKGC represent some of the best and most trusted online gambling platforms in the world.

However, UKGC has partnered up with GamStop, a self-exclusion program whose goal is to help problem gamblers. All players who register on GamStop (either willingly or accidentally) will not be able to play their favourite games on any UKGC casino sites until their exclusion period expires.

In that case, the best option for those players will be to try their luck in some non-UK casinos, specifically the ones that offer plenty of slot games.

The Best Video Slot Sites Not On GamStop

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Even though the UKGC is a highly reputable online gambling jurisdiction, it is far from being the only one. There are plenty of safe and legal video slot sites that have licences from some other jurisdictions such as the Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar, and Curacao.

As long as those websites accept UK players, you will be free to join them, regardless of whether you are registered on GamStop or not.

The good news is that there are thousands of different UK slots not on GamStop. Of course, with so many options, you can assume that some casinos are better than the rest. So how do you find the best non-UK slot sites?

I wrote this article to help all the fans of video slot games who are looking for a reliable alternative to UKGC casinos. By reading it, you will learn about the very best slot websites that do not take part in GamStop’s scheme.

Here’s a quick recap of the things that will be discussed on this page:

Read on if you want to start playing your favourite video slots today!

What Is GamStop and How Does It Work?

image of what gamstop is and how it works with video slots
What GamStop is and how it works with video slots

GamStop is an online self-exclusion scheme designed to prevent gambling addiction. By registering on GamStop, you will be banned from all UK slot sites. The exclusion period can be either six month, a year, or five years. Players themselves get to decide on the duration of their exclusion.

To register on GamStop, you simply go to their website and sign up using your full name, date of birth, address, and other personal details. Once you are registered, you won’t be able to access any UKGC casino sites using those details.

In all honesty, GamStop is a great solution for all problem gamblers who feel that they need to take a little break from playing real-money video slots. Gambling can be very addictive and it can be detrimental to your finances and emotional status. If you can’t stop playing on your own, GamStop will be there to help you out by blacklisting you on all UKGC casino sites.

However, it can sometimes happen that you end up on GamStop accidentally or unwillingly, which is why a lot of players look for alternatives. Can you cancel your GamStop exclusion in any way? Unfortunately, no. Once you are in GamStop’s database, you will stay there until your exclusion period ends.

According to the law, all casino sites licensed by the UKGC must be in GamStop’s database. This also includes all poker sites and sportsbooks.

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How to Avoid GamStop’s Exclusion

image of how to avoid gamstop's exclusion period
Avoiding GamStop’s exclusion

If you have a gambling problem and you want to use the information in this article as an excuse to start playing again, I strongly advise you not to do that. This page was created only for those who have control over their gambling habits but have ended up on GamStop accidentally or unwillingly.

In any case, I already talked about the fact that all UKGC slot sites must partner up with GamStop. If you’re a part of this exclusion scheme, you will be blacklisted for good.

Luckily, not all video slot casinos are licensed by the UKGC. Other gambling jurisdictions have their laws and exclusion programmes, and they won’t care if you are signed up on GamStop or not.

Will you be allowed to play on non-UK casino sites even though you are a resident of the UK? Well, that depends. Each casino site has its list of restricted countries, and the United Kingdom is commonly seen on those lists.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of high-quality casino sites that welcome UK players with open arms. Some will even allow you to make transactions in GBP.

But just because a certain website accepts UK players, that doesn’t mean it’s good or even safe. There are plenty of fraudulent casino operators out there you need to be aware of. If you want to find only the best and safest slot sites that are not on GamStop, you should take some advice from gambling experts such as myself.

Top Video Slots Not Registered With GamStop

image for top slots not registered with gamstop
The best video slot casinos not on GamStop

I have put in hours of work to filter out the absolute best video slot sites not on GamStop that accept UK players. It was a difficult task but I managed to find several high-quality non GamStop slots.

I’d definitely recommend reading through the summaries I’ve made of each one so you can find the ideal site to meet your needs.

Here are the top non-UK video slot casinos:

Different Types of Slot Games Available on Non-UK Casino Sites

Don’t think that you’re missing out by playing on these non-UK casino sites. Offshore casino operators offer the same video slots as UK ones, if not better. Here are some of the most popular slot game types you will run into.

Classic Slots

These games are reminiscent of the old slot machines that used to dominate land-based casino floors in the previous century. They usually have three reels and classic symbols like fruit, golden bars, and numbers. Classic slots are easy to figure out as they don’t have complex payline systems or extra features. Therefore, they are ideal for beginner players.

5-Reel Slots

Video slots with five reels are the most common slot games on non-UK casino sites. They usually have dozens of paylines, a wide range of symbols, and one or two bonus rounds that let you create rewarding combos. Five-reel slots can come in a variety of different themes, from ancient mythology and historical figures to animal kingdoms and popular culture.

3D Slots

Video slots are not solely about the gameplay anymore. These days, many players demand from slots to be visually impressive, and that’s the main reason behind the rise of 3D slots. Although rare, 3D slots can be found on many top casino sites.

Progressive Slots

If you’re a high roller eyeing that massive jackpot, you’ll be happy to know that plenty of non-UK casinos offer progressive slots. Unlike games with fixed jackpots, the main prize in progressive games is unlimited, allowing you to win millions of pounds in a single spin.

Mobile Slots

Every modern casino site has a mobile-friendly platform through which you can play your favourite games on the go. However, some video slots are mobile-exclusive, meaning that you can only play them on your smartphone and tablet. These games can be entertaining and are often part of the casino’s free spins bonuses.

Free Slots

Some non-UK casinos will allow you to play some of their slot games for free. While you can’t win anything this way, free slots represent a perfect opportunity for you to test a game out before spending any cash on it.

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Final Thoughts

image for non-uk video slots conclusion
Closing thoughts on non-UK video slots

As a player from the UK, your best option for enjoying video slots will be to access official UKGC casino sites. However, if you somehow ended up on GamStop, you will have to seek your luck elsewhere.

Many UK players don’t know a lot about non-UK casinos, but these sites can sometimes be even better than the home-based ones you’re used to. They offer a wide selection of high-quality games and have rewarding welcome bonuses and free spins promotions.

If you have a question about non-UK slot sites, I will be more than glad to answer it. Use the Comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP. Meanwhile, feel free to make an account on one of the sites I included on my list. Good luck!

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How do I opt-out of GamStop?

If you’ve signed up on GamStop, there will be no way for you to get out of its database until your exclusion period ends. However, you can circumvent GamStop’s ban by playing on non-UK slot sites.

Can I play on non-UK slot sites if I’m from the UK?

If a non-UK website accepts players from the United Kingdom, you will be allowed to join that site regardless of whether you are registered on GamStop or not.

Are non-UK slot sites legal?

All sites that are licensed by reputable non UK gambling jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, and others, are completely legal to play on.

Are non-UK slot sites safe?

Most of them are. These sites are equipped with advanced cybersecurity protocols that protect your money and personal information. You should always be careful when searching for slot sites out of your jurisdiction, but the ones that I mentioned in my article are some of the most secure operators outside the UK.

Can I use bonuses and promotions on non-UK slot sites?

Absolutely! Non-UK slot sites usually don’t put any geographical restrictions on their bonuses and promotions.

Do I have to install anything to play slots in non-UK casinos?

Not at all. Every casino I mentioned above is equipped with instant play technology that allows you to play your favourite slot games directly on the website.

Can I use non-UK slot sites on my mobile device?

Yes, the websites I mentioned are all mobile-friendly. Some of them even have apps you can install on your iOS and Android phones and tablets.

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