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There are always going to be some songs that stick in your head, however, what I thought I would do is put together in this guide my personal favourite top 10 gambling songs.

I am more than confident that you will have heard many of these songs before, however, they do span the decades, read on and see just how many of them you do recognise and may be particularly fond of too.

Viva Las Vegas

If there is one song that you will have hummed along to or even sang along to that immediately puts you in the mind of Sin City, it is, of course, Viva Las Vegas by the great man himself, Elvis.

I think he must have known way back in 1963 when that song was first released that he was onto a winner. I doubt there is anyone out there that has ever been to Las Vegas that will not have sung along to it at one point in time or another, and it has to be one of the greatest gambling songs of all time, and will always bring memories of any trip to Vegas flowing back when you hear it.

Aces of Spades

Card players will have a love or hate relationship with Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, much like they do with the gambling tables they play at, however, this is another classic tune and one that every single heavy metal fan will instantly recognise.

It was back in 1980 they song first aired, and it has been pumped out nonstop since then, definitely, one I feel is very worthy of a listing on my top 10 gambling songs listing I am sure many of you will agree.

Waking Up In Vegas - Katy Perry

How time flies, it was back in 2009 that Katy Perry released her smash hit Waking Up In Vegas, and that song has very quickly established itself as another Vegas themed and gambling themed song.

There is no doubt many of you out there will have spent some time in Vegas, and the song is a reminder to you regarding when you may have worked up after a night out and are sat there trying to remember just what you got up to that night.

The Dealer

Many singers these days rehash their version of many songs and will bring out covers. 2014 hit “The Dealer” was of course very recently released by Stevie Nicks, and the title of that song gives you an idea of what it was about.

It was however not a song that was written recently for it dates way back to 1972, but you have to admit if you have heard it, the lyrics have certainly stood the test of time and still resonate to this day.

Diamond Jack

Back in 1977 Wishbone Ash released Diamond Jack which is a song packed with terms and phrases that gamblers will instantly relate to. It is by no stretch of the imagination the very first song people will know or will have heard before but is one you should try and listen to at some point in time.

Huck's Tune

There are plenty of gambling-related films too, and you will often associate one song with those films, and many songs were compiled for individual gambling movies too.

That is certainly the case with Huck’s Tune sung by Bob Dylan which you will hear being belted out if you ever watch the film Lucky You, which is a film I highly recommend by the way.

The Stranger Song

It was on his first album that Leonard Cohen sings The Strangler Song, and as soon as you hear it you will get to discover just what the song I about, an excellent song and one of many that are going to be appreciated and enjoyed by poker players especially.

Poker Face

The title of Poker Face does and without a shadow of a doubt give you an idea of what the song is about. It was of course sung by Lady Gaga and was released back in 2008. This is one of many gambling songs you will still hear to this day and many casinos often play it as background music in their venues along with many other gambling songs too.

Good Run of Bad Luck

I think that every single gambler will agree that often you can go on some very long runs of bad luck, and if so then the title of the Clint Black that being Good Run of Back Luck is something you will have experienced, it was for reference released way back in the year 1994.

Possibly not the best known of gambling-related songs, however, if you do get some spare time try and listen to it, along with every other song listed on this guide, as you will enjoy listening to many of them, I am confident of that, irrespective of whether your have been winning or losing recently.

That Was A Crazy Game of Poker

It is very true to say that O.A.R. have had many this over the years and it was back in 1997 that they too released their very own gambling related song. That song was That Was a Crazy Game of Poker and is the final gambling song that I have listened to many times and always enjoy listening too.

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