Players on GamStop Can Still Play Lightning Roulette Online September 17, 2022 Steve Anthorton

Players on GamStop Can Still Play Lightning Roulette Online

Lightning RouletteOne game that plenty of players that have added their names onto the GamStop register and have therefore self-excluded themselves from all casino sites that have signed up to that scheme miss playing, is of course the game of Roulette.

However, with more and more people wishing that they had not registered with GamStop, there are still plenty of non UK based gambling sites that will welcome those players onboard as a new customers with no fuss or hassle, and will of course allow them to deposit and cash out their winnings when they win.

As for just which types of Roulette games are available at casinos not on GamStop well you will of course find all of the classics, such as French, European and even American Roulette, but savvy players know that due to the huge house edge attached to that latter named variant, due to it having two zeros on the wheel, it is a game worth avoiding and never playing.

There are however no shortages of other much more unique games on offer at the sites I gave listed and reviewed throughout this website, and one that I do feel is worth checking out is the Lightning Roulette game, which is exclusive available on live gaming platforms.

Non GamStop Casinos With Lightning Roulette

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What is Lightning Roulette?

Let me first explain what a live casino game is, it is simple a game that is being played out in a real live land-based venue, and the footage of that game is broadcast over the interest directly to players computer screen via a video stream.

Players are therefore able to watch every single aspect of the game being played out, and by using their computers can place bets and wagers onto each game.

Now, as for just how the Lightning Roulette game has been designed, well it was designed and developed and then ultimately launched by a Company called Evolution, who have many years’ experience of developing such games.

Lightning Roulette is a single zero Roulette game, however the pay out odds on each of the straight up number betting opportunities have been dropped to 30:1, but all other betting opportunities have the usual pay out odds attached to them.

Now you might be wondering why any sane player would want to play a single zero Roulette game with such low straight up number pay out odds, well there is something unique that happens on the Lightning Roulette game once the ball has been sent into live play.

What happened at that point in time is that one to five numbers are randomly chosen, and those numbers get struck by an onscreen animated Lightning Strike and the ones chosen to have their payout odds boosted are given pay odds of values between x50 and x500.

But Lightning Roulette adds a whole lot more for an electrifying player experience and extra chances to win. In each game round, between one and five Lucky Numbers are struck by lightning and given multiplied payouts of between 50x and 500x.

In fact, those chosen numbers will be allocated payout odds of either 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or 500x, and as such you can now instantly see the attraction of that game, as with some luck in playing it is possible to win some huge amounts of cash from a single spin on the wheel.

Where Else Can I Play Lightning Roulette?

It will not only be at casino sites that you will find the Lightning Roulette game waiting for you for there are now quite a number of different non GamStop poker sites at which you will find that game and a range of additional live casino  games readily on offer to players.

Keep in mind too that those additional casino games do offer players the chance of winning some mega amounts of cash, and one game I would also urge you to check out and play when you have a little spare time is the Crazy Time game.

I recently compiled an in-depth article relating to that game and if you fancy learning more about it and what it has to offer along with details of how it is designed then please take a look at that article which is titled Mega Payouts Won On Crazy Time at Live Non Gamstop Casinos.

Be aware that you will also find a plethora of sports betting sites not on GamStop that have the Roulette game variant on offer, and you may also be surprised to learn that also some of the many different non UK bingo sites also have it readily available as well.

Top Tips for Playing Lightning Roulette

Just keep in mind that Roulette is a game of chance, and as such as far as any playing tips go, you just have to ensure that you always set yourself some limits and stick to them and hope for the best when playing.

You can of course pick and choose just which best and wagers to place yourself, and with some luck in playing you may just hit one of those Lightning Numbers, and when you do your winnings will be boosted by the value of the enhanced pay out odds.

Should you be a player who does not place straight up bets though, and the only types of wagers you place are on the even money paying betting locations, you will be best advised to find a French Roulette game instead of Lightning Roulette.

I say that as French Roulette has one of two unique rules that come into play depending on where you choose to play that variant, which will see your even money paying bets either stay on the table if a zero ever spins in or you get half of those losing wagers back if zero spins in instead.

Both of the two rules have the effect of dropping down the house edge on those even money paying locations to just 1.35%.

Additional Features on the Lightning Roulette Game

Some of you out there may never have played any type of live casino game, and if you haven’t then you really should consider giving some of the games on offer via a live gaming platform a try, for you will find they offer a much more enjoyable type of gaming experience than you may have experienced when playing just software driven casino games online.

The very first thing to be aware of is that the Croupiers and Dealers and the Game Hosts will be interacting with you, and you can chat to both them and fellow players by making use of the chat box that is available on your screen.

However, it is true to say that some players would prefer not to be distracted when gambling, and there is of course an option for you to switch off the chat box if you find it way too distracting.

Also, each game on offer including the Lightning Roulette game is available to play for both low and some very high-stake amounts, therefore you are always going to be in the driving seat as to just how much you play that game for.

You can adjust the value of the chops and can place them wherever you want to place them on the betting layout, a repat bet button is also offered to players, so you can instantly place the same wager on each of the numbers of betting locations you previously bet on simply by clicking that repat button.

If you are the type of player that likes to bet on either hot or cold numbers, then there is an onscreen animation you can check out that will alert you to which number shave been hitting recently and are classified as the hot  numbers, and also which numbers haven’t recently been hitting and are therefore the cold numbers.

You will also find full stats which will show you how often even number has hit in the previous 500 spins of the Lighting Roulette wheel and also an onscreen animation can be displayed which will additionally show you which sector of the wheel has been getting the most hits and alternatively which sector of the wheel has not been hitting that often.

Always Gamble Responsibly

No matter which, if any, live casino games you choose to play, it is important that you always gamble responsibly, for not ever session you have gabling online, in any shape or form is going to be a winning one.

All non GamStop casino sites will offer players a range of responsible gambling tools that you are always more than welcome to make use of and put into place.

One of them that I do urge you to consider making full use off at any casino sites is the deposit limit setting, as by choosing a maximum amount you are prepared to deposit over any period of time, once you hit that limit with one or multiple deposits, you will not be permitted to deposit any more money into your account.

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