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How Do I Stop GamStop

cancelling gamstopThe only way that you are going to be able to stop GamStop is once your chosen time period to be listed on their self-exclusion database has exceeded and expired, so keep in mind of that fact if you do decide to register with them.

As for just what options are for how long your personal details will remain listed on their database, well you currently can pick from three different lengths of self-exclusion from all sites that are part of that scheme, and they are 6 months, 12 months, and a full 5 years too.

You may however find that you quickly recover from the gambling problems, that you were experiencing when you decided the time was right to register your personal details with GamStop and may wish to gamble online again in a responsible type of way.

The only options that will become available for you as to where you will be able to gamble online when still on GamStop will be to sign up to any of the non UK gambling sites and there are thousands upon thousands of them that you can pick and choose from.

Just make sure, above everything else that you are 100% sure that you have overcome any gambling related problems you have experienced previously and in the past before you even think of gambling again online for you will never want to start experiencing those problems again by starting to gamble again online.

Approved and Licensed Non GamStop Sites

#1List of Best Casinos Not on GamStop 100% Legal & Licensed Verified Bonus Mobile Friendly

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Play and Win Today

If you head on over and sign up to any of my listed casinos not on GamStop today be aware that they are all going to give you full access to a new customer sign up welcome bonus offer which is high in value.

That bonus is not the only one you will be able to claim at those sites though, as each of them will also make available to you no end of ongoing promotional deals which will of course when claimed, allow you to get more play time, added value and possibly even more winning opportunities as well.

Busy Poker Sites

The thing to keep in mind as a real money poker player, is that the busier a poker site is, the better it will be for you, as busy poker sites have more players for you to take on for a start and they will additionally have plenty of daily poker tournaments scheduled day and night too.

I have therefore ensured that every single one of my poker rooms not on GamStop that are listed throughout this website are the busiest sites around and as such you are always guaranteed to find open cash ring tables and more than enough poker tournaments, both free and paid to enter ones on offer at each of those poker rooms, which by the way all have their own real money poker apps as well as their online poker platforms.

Bet On Any Upcoming Sporting Events Easily

I have also compiled a list of the ultimate non UK betting sites that I really do feel are going to be worth your time and effort checking out, for with some of the best odds available on any upcoming sporting events, coupled with the generous promotional offers that they all shower on their players, they are bookies that are certainly worthy of your real money betting action.

Those sites do of course cater for low or high stake punters, so no matter how much you want to play a bet for, they will all lay your bets, and even low stake gamblers at those sites get offered high valued free bets and bonus bonuses as well, so do always keep that in mind when you are seeking out new bookies sites to sign up to.

Play Bingo Online or Via an App

Those of you that cannot resist playing bingo, but want to play for low stakes but always have the chance of winning big should consider becoming new players at any of my featured bingo sites not on GamStop.

Those sites never mess about when it comes to paying out their winning players at lightning speed and they are also good sites if you like claiming bingo bonuses too, for often they make then available to their players daily and in some instances also on every single deposit they make.

Therefore you are going to lock in plenty of bingo playing value by bagging those bonuses offered to you by those bingo sites and will of course always have the pick of plenty of different bingo games and bingo rooms too.

Plus, each of those bingo sites that are not on GamStop also have a suite of side games that you can also play for real money including all manner of casino styled games, loads of slot machines and even scratch card games as well.

Two Often Asked GamStop Questions

Two questions that I am always being asked by the way are will GamStop in any way shape or form have a negative effective on your credit file, well, do be aware for a start that Gamstop will not affect your credit rating but spending all your money by gambling it aware and not being able to pay your bills will soon enough affect your credit rating.

Another commonly asked question I hear a lot is whether it is going to be extremely difficult to  make casino deposits when on GamStop and the answer to that question is not it will not be, for all casino and other gambling sites that are not on GamStop will accept loads of different payment methods including web wallets, prepaid cards and vouchers and in most cases cryptocurrencies as well.

Don’t Try and Get Around a GamStop Ban

You could of course be tempted, like a lot of people are, to try and get around Gamstop but to be honest with you there is no point, for it you did manage to open an account with any of the casinos that are part of that scheme and succeeded, when they come to paying you out any winnings they will soon discover who you are and you can kiss goodbye to your winnings.

Every single gambling company licensed in the UK is on the GamStop scheme and that includes all of the ones you will already have heard of such as Bet365 and both 888 Casino along with BetFred and probably many other gambling sites you have never heard of too.

If you do get the urge to gamble when you are on GamStop then play at the sites that I have listed for you above, as you will never face any problems when playing at those sites and they do all pay their winning players rapidly as well.

A Few Live Games You Might Like Playing

To round off this guide which by the way I do hope that you have enjoyed reading it, and if so do feel free to check out some of my other blog posts and articles, I will now move onto gibing you some idea as to the type of live casino games many other players love playing online.

These games are located on the live gaming platforms at all of my featured non GamStop casino sites and you will often find them available at the poker, bingo and even betting sites too, so locating them should not prove difficult.

The first game is a weird and wonderful game that can at times drive you mad, and that game is the Cash or Crash game, but boy can it pay out some mega amounts of cash at times, even to players that are playing it for pennies, so do check it out online.

If you have not yet experienced the sheer excitement of playing the Lightning Roulette live casino game then it really is about time that you did, and that game whilst on first appearance is much like any other single zero Roulette game, it can and does award some mega sized payout odds on selected numbers, so I would suggest if you like playing Roulette that you track it down and play it.

One final game that I am more than confident many of you out there will already know about is the Crazy Time game, it does look quite a basic game, which it is as its based on a spinning wheel and you are tasked with trying to predict which segment of the wheel will be spun in.

However, the secret to some massive winning payouts on that game lay in the bonus games which can be awarded to players that have bet on and then seen spun in any of the bonus game awarding segments of the wheel.

All of those games by the way are suitable for low stake players, so if you are a low roller and want plenty of fun coupled with loads of winning opportunities, they are certainly games worth checking out.

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